Halal Assurance

ABI INTERNATIONAL is a specialised importer and exporter of Halal meat.

Our Halal meats are processed under strict supervision in accordance with Islamic rights, our meat is processed and checked independently by the Meat Hygiene services of the UK Government. Our meat is loaded and stored on refrigerated lorries who delivers to our customers around the world.

We are aware different communities apply to different Islamic laws to Halal meat products. We can guarantee our meats are to the highest quality and carefully handled at all stages of the process.

The European community supplies and allocates a unique reference number to all EC approved abattoirs of which the meat and premise is carefully handled.
All meats are required to have an ID number stamped on the carcass with a good grade.

Quality standards

ABI INTERNATIONAL is a Lamb approved company who demonstrates a high level of good safety, environmental protection and animal welfare.

ABI INTERNATIONAL is an export certificated company who meets the European standards for processing carcasses and Halal meats, fruit and vegetables, cooking oils and many more products.