About Us

ABI INTERNATIONAL was incorporated in 1989. The company was founded by our founding member who has over 30 years of experience in the foods and hospitality business working for a national chain, but wanted to offer something unique and different.

At ABI INTERNATIONAL we own and run our poultry/meat distribution from our meat factories in Spain and Slovakia respectively. ABI is one of the few distributors around the world who can promise fresh and organic grown produce, produced to the highest standards. So our clients know they can buy with confidence.

We stock a vast majority of products in our distribution service and keep on increasing new products to our growing catalogue. We negotiate with suppliers on a daily basis to bring only the best product to the market. The majority of our products are outsourced from different parts of the world from reputable suppliers. We have and will never be compromised on the quality and specification of the supplies we stock. Our mission at ABI is to unlock its business potential among all continents and make it a leading name in food distribution.